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Leadership Coaching

Change starts with you.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is an effective way for you to grow your career and build competencies for your next job or assignment. 360 feedback will help you gain insights about how your style is impacting others while identifying blind spots and hidden talents.

During the process, you will learn how to maximize your strengths and minimize weaknesses. Those open to participating in the process fully typically report they feel more confident and competent.

Our Approach to Coaching

Korn Ferry 360Personalized coaching sessions are tailored to meet your specific career goals. One-on-one coaching sessions can help you explore your impact, effectiveness, and aspirations. Sessions are delivered virtually or in-person. For organizations implementing significant change coaching may be implemented for the entire leadership team (both individually and collectively). Coaching often includes 360 feedback and development planning using tools like Korn Ferry 360. All coaching sessions are confidential.


Holly Huntley


Meet LMD’s Lead Executive Coach, Holly Huntley

Holly Huntley leads LMD’s Consulting and Coaching Services. She also oversees a network of coaches and consultants for large-scale projects

My Philosophy

I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential. I apply a “systems thinking” approach to all of my projects to help my clients identify actions that will create sustainable change. The goal is to help you consistently create your desired impact.

My Background

I have twenty-seven years of strategic business consulting and coaching experience in global, government, non-profit, and corporate environments across all industries.

  • Fortune 150 and US Federal sector experience serving in various senior leadership roles.
  • C-level management consulting experience, including strategic planning, leadership alignment, mergers and acquisitions, contract start-ups and transitions, and executive coaching.
  • Experience leading global change programs in support of business strategy, sales enablement, culture change, enterprise learning, talent development, and branding across 88 countries.
  • P&L responsibility for regional and national accounts.
  • Board experience.
  • Speaker at many global leadership forums, including Wharton School of Business.

My Educational Background

With a graduate degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Johns Hopkins University, I am trained to apply the principles from psychology to organizations and businesses. Certifications include:

  • Accelerating Change - Implementation Management Associates (IMA)
  • Leadership Architect and Korn Ferry 360 - Korn Ferry
  • Leadership Impact - Human Synergistics
  • Master Facilitator - Zenger Miller Achieve Inc.
  • Meyers Briggs Type Indicator - CPP, Inc.
  • PCMM - Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University
  • Senior Professional, HR - HR Certification Institute - HRCI

"Over the course of her amazing career, Holly has truly ‘seen it all.’ This depth of experience coupled with her exceptional interpersonal style, personal commitment to making a difference, and dedication to continually honing her skills make Holly a truly gifted and extraordinary coach."

Christopher J. Steinbach, CEO, Newberry Group, Inc.

"What differentiates Holly from many other senior executives is her willingness to take risks and innovate. She challenges the “norm” in a very safe and non-threatening way. Only laggards resist her ideas."

Sara Melita, Consultant George Washington University

"Holly's global business background makes her a great fit for any leadership team looking for growth, innovation, and collaboration."

Nick Wilkinson, CEO, Binary Tree