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Our name, LMD, honors where we’ve been and what we set out to do every day.


For more than
40 years...

LMD has evolved from a local graphics shop to the full-service, integrated communications and consulting "change agency" that we are today with regional and national private and public sector clients. In 2008, we shortened our name from Laurel Marketing & Design to "LMD."


Change is in
our DNA.

Our service offerings have changed to meet the ever-evolving needs of a challenging market, the digital economy, and our clients; and we have honed our ability to change the beliefs and behaviors that will help our clients meet their goals.


Lead, Market,

What does that change look like? Our acronym name also describes the ways our game-changing work empowers our clients to:

  • Lead in the market, in their industry, and in their organizations
  • Market smarter with evidence-based, behavior science-driven strategies that increase awareness, change behaviors, and motivate people to take action, and
  • Deliver on their brand promise, mission, and goals.

Change for the greater good.

A passion to help others is shared by everyone at LMD, and we are honored to combine our talents to support and serve our community.

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Our Values



  • Make meaningful connections
  • Collaborate and work as a team
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Value different points of view


  • Embrace curiosity, experimentation, and new ideas
  • Ask, “what if?”
  • Have a map—and be willing to go off the beaten path
  • Challenge ourselves to never stop learning


  • Challenge the comfort zone
  • Be resourceful
  • Create new ways to approach “classic” marketing solutions
  • Use research to inform and inspire


  • Build relationships on a foundation of trust and respect
  • Always deliver value
  • Follow through and keep promises
  • Communicate clearly and honestly


  • Be empathetic
  • Support each other
  • Create change in our community
  • Do work that changes the world for the better
  • We support diversity and disabilities in the workplace