LMD is an award-winning, full-service branding and strategic communications firm with a big vision of staying small. 

The agency was established as a digital and print media service in 1976, when print advertising sold products and consumers were courted with glossy brochures and direct mail campaigns. But the digital age would soon fuel unprecedented changes in business communication. Companies were caught off guard by the fast-moving developments and had to figure out how to catch up fast…or be left behind.  

For LMD, the rapid pace of technological advances set the stage for a journey of continuous evolution, innovation, and agility that ultimately became a hallmark of their success. Over the last four decades, the agency has evolved its strategic focus and offerings to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing communications landscape.

From the birth of digital printing to the widespread adoption of the Internet, LMD worked hard to be a front-runner in an environment where business communications were evolving at lightning speed.  

During the transition from print to digital, the agency was on the front lines of web design offering clients a hybrid product mix of traditional and digital services. And with its proximity to Washington, D.C., it was well-positioned to tap into federal business opportunities with all the right elements for success.

LMD was also quick to adapt to transforming dialogue between government and the public. As government agencies were realizing they needed more strategic communications to engage people and demonstrate the value of programs and services, LMD expanded its services into outreach campaigns first, then a series of successful national rebrands.

Then, new mobile technologies transformed interactive communications, and one-way messaging lost its appeal. Those in print advertising would not survive unless they adapted to the diminished interest in those products. When brands could no longer simply be inserted into traditional advertising, LMD recognized that branding would take on a life of its own. Consumers were turning their attention to the power of the brand, propelling branding to the top of business communication strategies.  

LMD embraced the new branding challenges and opportunities presented by the power of social media and, again, quickly adapted to the fast-moving landscape with a full suite of brand development services.  

By the time the data age arrived, LMD had mastered its ability to evolve and was ready to adapt once again; this time, to meet the client’s need to have a complete view of the data that informs communications, develops marketing strategies, and drives decision making. LMD added in-house research to its operations, expanding its offerings to include comprehensive data-gathering and analysis services for public and private sector clients.  

Ten years ago, Holly Huntley joined LMD to add consulting services to the agency’s portfolio, including behavioral science, change management, and training. She has been part of LMD’s recent evolution into a change agency.

This month, Holly takes the helm at LMD as the newly appointed president, and her plans for the future of the agency are familiar. She has a big vision of staying small.   

Much has changed for agencies during the past 47 years, yet some things haven’t changed at all. LMD is still a woman-owned small business that embraces people, exploration, ingenuity, integrity, and compassion.

Huntley succeeds long-time LMD President Karen Killian, who led the agency through decades of growth, successfully positioning and promoting education, government, nonprofit, and private sector clients. In 2022, Killian led the acquisition of LMD to MarCom Group–a strategic growth strategy to expand the agency’s offerings and footprint in the federal space.

As Killian continues serving LMD in her new role as Senior Strategist for the agency, Huntley will continue expanding LMD’s track record as a successful woman-owned small business with both federal and commercial clients. 

Killian has invested her heart and soul into the success of LMD and supporting the people who work there. As she remains deeply committed to the agency and its path forward, she couldn’t be happier to have Huntley take the reins.

“Holly’s skills and talents have brought so much tangible and intangible value to LMD, our clients, and each of us personally. Her experience, expertise, and leadership qualities are aligned to what LMD needs to continue our evolution and growth,” she added.

And Huntley is poised to deliver. She believes that while the ebb and flow of a small business is inevitable, one that continues to grow and expand over decades has the staying power and the ingredients to continuously adapt. 

“As I assume the leadership role at LMD, I am afforded the opportunity to continue this evolution. My service as president will be dedicated to the leaders who have come before me to shape our business over the years,” she said.

As Huntley looks to the future of LMD, she sees a continuing journey of evolution that will always require the ability to adapt and embrace change, and she stands ready to rise to those challenges.   

“Our journey as a small business has been a series of changes made over decades as we navigate market changes and evolve every step of the way. As I reflect on our small business journey, I am struck by our staying power and ability to understand market conditions, so I am very excited for LMD’s next chapter,” she concluded.