The LMD team had a great time at our team-building event on Thursday, November 11, 2021, at Honey’s Harvest Farm.

Located in Lothian, MD, Honey’s Harvest Farm grows food and medicine using the principles of permaculture (a land management approach that works with the natural ecosystems, not against them) and regenerative agriculture (a holistic farming approach that improves, rather than harms, water, soil, and air quality). In this way, the farm’s products improve not only the health and wellbeing of its customers, but also the farm’s natural ecosystems. Honey’s Harvest Farm is owned and operated by Anna Chaney, a 13th generation Anne Arundel County citizen who’s passionate about ecology and holistic wellness. 

Anna gave our team a tour of the farm, explained how permaculture and regenerative agriculture differ from traditional farming methods, and showed us the enormous variety of native plants, trees, herbs, vegetables, and fruits grown in their fields--all through farming methods that help preserve the integrity of the surrounding environment. We tried figs, dandelion leaves, passion fruit, mint, and goji berries, to name just a few of the farm’s crops. 

We also got a chance to get to know our newest team members, enjoy some wonderful food (including s’mores!) and live music, hang out by the fire pit, and just relax and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Check out some photos from our day at Honey’s Harvest. 

A barn in the warm sun welcomes everyone inside. Around it are hay bales and potted plants.
It was a beautiful day for a trip to the farm! 

The LMD team is listening attentively, standing in a clearing surrounded by fall foliage.
The LMD team learning all about permaculture and regenerative agriculture from Honey’s Harvest owner Anna Chaney.

A woman in jeans and a t-shirt, Anna, shows off a leafy plant from an eclectic garden.
Anna showing us some of the many native plants that grow on the farm.

Red, green, and orange trees frame two red barns in the distance. The sky has faint clouds.
The farm and its surroundings are absolutely beautiful, especially on this crisp fall day. 

A young girl with a big smile, Eleanor, holds a green gourd–it's bigger than her head!
Anna encouraged us to take home some of the farm’s bounty to share with our families. Eleanor (Jason’s youngest) shows off her favorite new toy--one of the farm’s gourds.