Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday in March, and this year more than ever, LMD believes it’s important to recognize this day. Our team has done an incredible job balancing ever-changing pandemic life with ever-changing workloads, staying flexible and positive as we navigate this new paradigm, and going above and beyond for the company and our clients. All of us remain as committed as ever to seeing LMD grow and prosper.

I asked our team to tell me in their own words when an employer made them feel truly appreciated—whether at LMD or a previous job. While salary and bonuses are appreciated because they help pay the bills, many of the respondents to my ad-hoc survey said they feel appreciated when they’re encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance.

Whether it’s being able to delegate work so that they can go on vacation and truly relax to being given the time to be a parent, coach, volunteer, or mentor, LMD knows that it’s important for our employees to have time and space for things other than work. Giving back to our families, friends, and communities makes us better people and better employees.

About a third of survey respondents said they appreciate it when their hard work is acknowledged and rewarded with an unexpected gift. No matter the size of the gift, getting a little something extra—especially when it’s unexpected—makes our day a bit brighter. For example, when I worked in retail, my boss treated me to a professional massage during work hours at the end of a busy Christmas season. She scheduled it as a work meeting so I had no choice but to relax because I never would have taken the time away from work or family to de-stress like that. Both my mental and physical health benefited greatly.

Our hard-working employees said that they also like it when their work behind-the-scenes is noticed—such as staying late to finish a project, putting in extra effort to make sure that a client deliverable was perfect, or helping out another team member without being asked. Our employees put their heart and soul into their work and approach every task as “a job well done” vs. just “a job done”—and we know it’s important to recognize that extra effort.  

Respondents also said they felt appreciated when their employers took an interest in their well-being. Whether they were out sick and their employer called to check in on how they were feeling or knew that they needed more time with their families, great employers recognize that life can be crazy, and sometimes employees need extra support.

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Manager, Finance & Administration


Monica has more than 20 years of experience in small business management and accounting for diverse industries such as retail, finance, and construction. At LMD, she specializes in human resources, accounting, contract management support, and office management.Read more