Are you a business owner, a marketing communications professional, or an entrepreneur looking for a new online presence? Maybe you need a digital brand refresh, an integrated email marketing campaign, or an easy-to-manage online store. You don’t need a big budget to purchase an enterprise-level website solution from a web design company. There are many options for small to medium sized companies that are affordable and easy to use. 

After 21 years of designing and building websites of all shapes and sizes, LMD strongly endorses Drupal, WordPress, and Squarespace. And as robust and flexible as Drupal is, some companies don’t need the customization and cost that building a site from the ground up requires.

For clients on a tight budget and timeline, or who are looking for a simple brochure website, we often choose Squarespace for its flexibility, affordability, support, and ease of customization. Over the last several years, LMD has built client websites on Squarespace, including Tiber Technologies, the Prince George’s County Beautification Campaign Site, Outreach Eyecare, Silva Contracting, and more.

There are five reasons why we choose to use an all-in-one website builder like Squarespace for our clients:

  1. Affordability: The cost and time to build a website from the ground up can be significant, and depending on your organization’s needs, unnecessary. Although content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress offer more flexibility and growth potential, they are often three to four times more expensive than a Squarespace site and take much longer to build. If your site is less than 30 pages, Squarespace is a great option.

  2. Quality customizable templates: Squarespace has the best quality themes of any website builder on the market. With a robust library of over 125 different options to start from, LMD chooses templates that are modern, focused on the mobile experience, and easily customizable. Then we build beautiful designs that strengthen your brand. Plus, Squarespace’s templates are easy for anyone to adjust—so you can easily handle content changes in-house.

  3. Built-in responsiveness: Unlike some platforms that are mobile-friendly only, Squarespace websites intuitively adapt to fit virtually every screen size, so they look great (and are readable) on any device. To create a truly unique experience for our clients, we always make some additional tweaks to fine-tune the details.

  4. Features: Squarespace has the best quality features of any website builder available, including an incredible number of standard, built-in features. Some of the most popular features include:

    • Blogging
    • Site analytics
    • Social integration
    • Robust email marketing
    • Fully integrated sales tools
    • Typekit and Google fonts
    • Extensions market
    • Adobe image editor
    • Audio collections
    • Dropbox file synchronization

    We’ll find the perfect features for you, and you’ll be blogging, selling, customizing, and sharing in no time.

  5. Help and support: The biggest benefit of using Squarespace is that all the key technical aspects of running a website (software updates, web hosting, security, server configuration, etc.) are taken care of by Squarespace. It has a centralized support team dedicated to its tool, a library of help guides, workshop videos, and a community forum to help you build your website. You’ll also be able to talk to a member of the support team via live chat and email support with one-hour response time. 

As a member of the Squarespace Circle, LMD can offer reduced monthly subscriptions to our clients, as well as numerous tools to help manage and promote your brand, services, products, and mission online. Everything you need to build, maintain, and grow your site is included. And with LMD as an agency partner, we’ll create a website that truly exemplifies your brand’s vision.

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Vice President, Creative Services
As LMD's Vice President of Creative Services, Dan oversees LMD’s designers on web and multimedia projects. He is an award-winning graphic designer whose portfolio of work includes high-visibility projects for...Read more