Volunteering is proven to build bonds with others—and when you bond with others, you create goodwill, good vibes, and even good health for you and those who need your help. If you don’t volunteer already, there are probably opportunities right in your own neighborhood. But your “neighbor” isn’t limited to the people in the house next door or down the road. Your neighbors work in your office building, attend your place of worship, and serve you in local shops and restaurants. Chances are, there are people you see every day who can benefit from your time and talent.

“People who volunteer feel a deeper connection to their communities and to other people.” -UnitedHealth Group, 2013 Health and Volunteering Study

1. Volunteering Builds SkillsVolunteering is about passion, not necessarily existing work experience. It sharpens your existing skills and develops new ones by giving you the chance to dive into new challenges. When you volunteer, you build a diverse set of valuable skills, including:Teamwork and leadershipProblem solving and critical thinkingAbility to adaptCommunicationPlanning, prioritizing, and time management2. Volunteering is HealthyAccording to the UnitedHealth Group, “Volunteering creates physically and mentally healthier employees and employees who experience lower levels of stress are more present and engaged, can reduce health care costs, and elevates on-the-job performance.” What specific health benefits can you see from volunteering? Here are just a few:Reduced levels of stress, anger, and anxietyImproved self-confidenceHaving a sense of meaning and purposeStaying physically and mentally active3. Volunteering is Good for BusinessResearch conducted by America’s Charities found that 71% of employees surveyed say it’s imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering. When you volunteer as a business, you:Boost cooperation, collaboration, and teamworkExpand your personal and professional networksImprove your organization’s visibility in your communityStrengthen your brandIncrease moraleGrow employee pride in your organization

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