Well, not really but it will save a lot of toner and in a way isn't that just as good?

Grey London is the marketing firm behind the above font. They approached this task the same way they approach every project, with a question, "How can this project create social good?" It's an interesting approach and it resulted in this eco-friendly font for Ryman Eco. The font uses a third less ink, which is good, and is also gorgeous, which is even better. It got me thinking about projects I really enjoyed working on like ImInThisForMe.com, fighting drug use and alcohol abuse, and WaterSense.com, providing information to help lower the consumption of water.

These projects were more rewarding because they were based around the betterment of something, and that makes me feel all good and squishy inside. So trying to make every project you work on benefit society as a whole makes sense, it makes working on them matter a little more. Now I know not all projects can bring forth social good and that is fine, but keeping that idea percolating in the back of your brain might just give us all a new angle on the problems we are tasked with solving everyday. Or maybe you will just use Ryman Eco as your font and save some ink, which is cool too.