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Captivating Tomorrow's Fearless Alumni

The Graduate School at the University of Maryland

The Graduate School at the University of Maryland develops alumni who push boundaries, demonstrate professionalism, and remain at the forefront of innovation. When LMD was challenged with redesigning their website, we wanted to make sure it did the same.


Redesign the Graduate School’s website to promote a variety of top-ranked academic opportunities in a thoughtful and interactive manner.


Design a website that showcases the Graduate School success story through captivating campus and student imagery, bold and informative messaging, and instinctive navigation to encourage greater discovery and exploration.


A modern, compelling, and intuitive new website with robust search functionality and easy-to-navigate information architecture that continually helps spur new generations of innovators and creators to choose Maryland.


UMD Grad School Responsive Site
UMD Grad School Responsive Homepage

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