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Preserving the Beauty of Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County Department of the Environment

Prince George’s County is home to nearly one million residents, including generations of families who are “Prince George’s Proud.” With all the County has to offer—parks and green spaces, outdoor attractions, livable communities, and great services and amenities—residents are proud to call the County home. 

Part Proud Logo Mark

Project Mission

For decades, Prince George’s County has struggled with litter and illegal dumping. The County created a Beautification Initiative that tackles the problem with green technology, new services for residents, policy changes, stronger enforcement, and improved coordination with the State. The focal point of the Initiative is an anti-littering campaign that informs and engages the public.

What We Did

LMD developed and executed a multi-year, multi-channel anti-littering campaign to raise awareness about trash and illegal dumping, and to encourage residents, visitors, and businesses to help keep the County green and clean. 

Activities & Deliverables

  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Brand development, including campaign slogan and logo
  • Marketing, outreach, and media strategy
  • Media planning, placement, optimization, and reporting
  • Graphic design for print, out-of-home, digital, and social media
  • Copywriting and message development
  • Video production, including creative direction and scriptwriting
  • Public relations and event support

Understanding the Issues & the Market

To understand the County’s demographics and the litter-related issues that are top-of-mind with residents, LMD conducted in-depth secondary and primary research, including an annual survey. Survey results offered insight on the impact of the litter problem, how residents prefer to engage with County government on the topic, campaign messages that resonate with audiences, and changes in campaign awareness over time. LMD also used research to develop and test creative concepts to be used in campaign advertising. All research was conducted in English and Spanish.


Bringing the Campaign to Life

Based on the research results, LMD created an anti-littering campaign that personifies discarded litter and illegally dumped bulky trash. These clever, relatable characters deliver messages that are both positive and punitive to reach the County’s diverse resident population. LMD also developed a logo to brand the campaign and tie campaign elements together across multiple channels and partners.

PGC Beautification Characters

Reaching & Engaging Diverse Audiences

To increase campaign recognition and recall, LMD created a seamless communications experience across all digital, print, video, and out-of-home communications. High-visibility placements included shopping mall signage, banner displays in high-traffic Metro stations, and wraps for the County’s innovative “Bigbelly” trash compactors featuring the campaign’s characters and the message “Give Litter a Home.” Additionally, LMD designed graphics using a combination of people and the campaign’s characters to encourage Prince Georgians to see themselves as a part of the solution to make the County cleaner and greener. LMD also produced videos using the campaign’s characters to run in movie theaters, on cable and streaming networks, and on social media.


PGC Beautification Campaigns


Building an Information Hub

The County’s comprehensive website can be challenging for users to navigate when looking for specific information about trash and litter. LMD built a dedicated website for the Beautification Initiative to make it easy for residents, businesses, and strategic partners to get current information about campaign events, promotions, and messages. The website informs residents and visitors about the Initiative’s goals and how to support them by adopting anti-littering and environmentally sustainable behaviors. The website also highlights the anti-littering campaign in action and shows the broad reach of the campaign throughout the County.

PGC Beautification Website