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Crafting a Modern Jewelry Brand to Span the Generations

Lizzy James


Project Mission

Having achieved explosive growth among the Baby Boomers, Lizzy James needed a branding and marketing strategy that would help it stand out among an increasingly competitive market and expand into the hearts and minds of Millennials and Generation X.


Activities & Deliverables

  • Primary and secondary research
  • Brand development
  • Messaging and copywriting
  • Logo and messaging guidelines
  • Marketing Action Plan (MAP)
  • Retail collateral



Lizzy James Logo Book

What We Did

LMD helped the company develop a powerful new brand that better conveyed its true essence, values, and story to a younger demographic. Then we crafted an actionable and highly tactical one-year marketing plan to reach, engage, and drive sales from these new audiences.

Lizzy James Website


Carving a New Position within a Crowded Marketplace

LMD started by listening--to Lizzy James, the market, and to customers. As part of our discovery process, we conducted a thorough review of the company’s sales history and website traffic data. Then we performed interviews and surveys--digging deep into the unique perspectives and opinions of Lizzy James’ leadership team, retailers, and Millennial consumers. Our findings helped to identify gaps, challenges, strengths, and opportunities that mapped a clear path forward on how to best differentiate and promote a refreshed brand.

Lizzy James Instagram
Lizzy James Website

Designing a Timeless &
Versatile Visual Identity

In today’s branding landscape, effective logos need to be simple, memorable, and versatile enough to be seamlessly applied across a variety of physical or digital media. With this in mind, LMD developed a classic yet edgy gold and grey logo that differentiated Lizzy James from the competition and accurately reflected the spirit of the new brand. A selection of separate L/J logomarks completed the brand’s new visual identity platform for easy application on packaging, tags, social media profiles, and anywhere else that could use a more compact mark to represent Lizzy James.

Guiding Consistent &
Engaging Brand Experiences

Included in Lizzy James’ new brand guidelines, LMD developed the key messages, color palette, logo variations, typefaces, and brand governance that would enable Lizzy James team members to easily implement the new brand wherever it’s needed. We also designed mockups and creative assets for the website and social media profiles to help guide the overall brand aesthetic during the launch and for years to come.


Making Every Customer a Part of the Story

At its core, the new Lizzy James brand represents and embraces passion, strength, and self expression. And this matters to today’s customers—especially Millennials—who opt for brands with stories, values, and personalities that authentically align with their own. Armed with various brand components, including a carefully written brand story and a product storybook, LMD helped Lizzy James position itself as more than a jewelry company, but as a creator of unique and personalized extensions of each customer’s individuality.

Lizzy James Website