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Making Connections at the Moment of Need

ServiceMaster Restoration

ServiceMaster Restoration provides 24/7 heavy-duty cleaning and damage restoration services to homes and businesses across the country in a fast, friendly, and knowledgeable manner—something that has helped its franchises develop a nationwide reputation for restoring peace of mind.


Project Mission

With the ultimate goal of driving sales and referrals, ServiceMaster needed a better way to connect with clients the moment disaster strikes and deliver their trademark feeling of trust and reassurance across multiple touchpoints.

What We Did

LMD partnered with ServiceMaster to develop impactful sales collateral backed by a highly efficient digital strategy to capture more leads, make customer service automatic, and track important metrics every step of the way.

Activities & Deliverables

  • Competitive analysis
  • Graphic design and content development for sales brochure
  • Keyword research and strategy for paid search (SEM) campaign
  • Media placement and optimization
  • Development of seven campaign landing pages
  • Automated email campaign

Answering the Search for Help

Unlike most searches on desktops and tablets, today’s consumers turn to search engines on mobile devices with an urgent need and specific intent in mind. And according to Google, 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to some form of action, whether it’s a call, a visit, or a purchase. LMD worked with ServiceMaster to develop a carefully targeted, mobile-optimized paid search campaign that leverages the power of first impressions.

ServiceMaster Restoration on Google
ServiceMaster Restoration brochure

Designing a Leave-Behind That’s Hard to Leave Behind

With the right combination of design and content, print has the power to do what no collection of pixels on a screen can: create tangible impact, initiate a dialogue, and spark lasting relationships. LMD worked with ServiceMaster to develop an engaging and informative brochure that would enhance networking, business development, and client service opportunities. With a built-in pocket folder and business card slot, this brochure is as practical as it is eye-catching.


Bringing Automation & Value to Customer Service

When the last bit of ash is removed or the final section of carpets are dried, ServiceMaster needed a way to ensure that the relationship with each customer wouldn’t end the moment its crew leaves the driveway. LMD used marketing automation to help ServiceMaster initiate an email campaign that not only required less resources from support staff, but also added value to customers with timely delivery, personalization, and helpful tips to prevent or treat all sorts of property damage. The next time disaster strikes, ServiceMaster could rely on its newly staked position as a trusted partner ready to help.

ServiceMaster Restoration Screen


ROI from sold jobs attributed to the campaign


increase in average monthly website sessions