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Health Integrity

Fighting Fraud

Health Integrity came to LMD with a challenge to launch a new product into an emerging market, competing against Fortune 500 companies with similar solutions. The product is PLATO®, a unique predictive modeling technology that combats fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare industry. LMD’s support has expanded PLATO’s® implementation into a number of federal and state healthcare programs.


Successfully position and launch PLATO® into a distinctively competitive healthcare technology industry.


Conduct primary and secondary research to identify a formula for success, creating the foundation for audience specific messaging and a new product marketing video that concisely conveys PLATO’s® value.


A platform of clear, concise, and compelling messages, as well as a custom promotional video with live-action video, client testimonials, and animation that has effectively introduced PLATO® online, at conferences, and during new business presentations.