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Guidewell Financial Solutions

Carving a New Path Forward

Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Maryland and Delaware, Inc. (CCCS) came to LMD with a mission to reach and engage with more potential customers who need or want to improve their financial wellbeing. Struggling to successfully connect with a broader audience, LMD helped CCCS develop a new brand and suite of marketing solutions that have helped position the organization as a credible, helpful, and accessible financial partner.


Rebrand CCCS to communicate its unique and caring approach to financial guidance with a broader regional and national audience.


Conduct primary, qualitative market research to understand the unique needs, perceptions, and motivations of CCCS' target audience. Then use research findings to develop and implement a new brand that better positions the organization to stand out in a large, competitive landscape.


A strategic, comprehensive branding and marketing solution, including brand messaging, a new logo, brand guidelines, an informational brochure, and a redesigned website—all of which continue to help Guidewell connect with new clients and guide them toward financial health.