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Crystal found her niche, nearly 20 years ago, when she started managing national federal communications contracts that help improve people's lives. Since then she's had the honor of promoting personal resilience for the U.S. Army, energy efficiency for the U.S. EPA, sustainable transportation for FHWA, and organ donation, for HHS, among others. Prior to that, she had fun managing advertising for regional clients, such as BWI Airport, UMUC (now UMGC), and WLIF-FM. At LMD, Crystal manages key accounts, leads the development of campaign outreach strategies rooted in data and behavioral science. 

Crystal started her career in mission-driven marketing, when she was eight years old and planned her first "Carnival for Muscular Dystrophy," when kids could write to McDonald's for a kit to help them plan a neighborhood carnival. (Her first experience with public/private partnerships.) Today, she lives in Columbia, MD, with her husband and two sons. In her spare time, she likes to walk (would love to be a speed walker), garden, and read whenever she can find the time.