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True Konfessions with Kristen: Google Analytics

Dear Kristen,

Our company’s CEO has caught the “big data” bug—and is bugging me, the marketing manager, to get insights from Google Analytics about our website and tell him how we should adjust our marketing strategy based on our website traffic.

My confession is that every time I view our analytics, I’m immediately overwhelmed. I don’t know what stats are important, what they mean, or how we should change our marketing...

The One Thing Higher Education Can Do to Modernize

LMD’s research for higher education clients tells us adult learners value hybrid learning options. They’re burned out from the “page turning” e-learning programs they started using in the late 1990s and know that, in the digital information age, basic knowledge is easy to obtain from Google, TED talks, YouTube, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Collaboration, engagement, and the application of skills become more valuable once...

TO BE or NOT TO BE Trusted By Millennials?

Millennials trust content over any other type of information–but only certain types of content. Keep these tips in mind when developing content to engage and endear this generation to your brand:

1. Be empathetic.

Millennials want to know you understand their challenges and value. Do not be condescending or underestimate their intelligence.

2. Be educational and inspiring.

Millennials like to learn. You can...

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