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What Makes "Good Design"?

By Dan Croft

If I had a dime for every time I asked myself this question, I’d be a bazillionaire.

In my 18 years at LMD, I’ve worked my way up from a Junior Designer to the Creative Director of Web Services. While my medium has mostly been two-dimensional design, I’ve collaborated with my fellow LMDers on logos, videos, motion graphics, product packaging, and much more. And with every project—whether it was a 24-hour-...

Is it Time for a Rebrand? 3 Ways to Know

At LMD, we don’t shy away from the tough questions. Here’s one of the toughest questions we ask our clients when they are considering a rebrand: “Does your company’s brand accurately represent your culture, purpose, and promise?”

Rebranding shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s expensive (think of all signs and swag that will need new logos), time-consuming (the road to rebranding is paved with many meetings), resource-intensive (cross-...

True Konfessions with Kristen: The Mysterious Millennial Mind

Konfessions with Kristen

Dear Kristen,

We’re in a vertical with a core customer base that’s typically in the 50+ age range. From reviewing our customer data, we know that there are Millennials who currently use our products and are pretty confident that there’s the potential for growth in this market. The problem is, we feel like we’re so deeply entrenched with the Boomer target audience, we don’t know the first thing about positioning our brand, company,...

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