The Recruitment Marketer

If you’re looking to recruit new employees, students, or members, you’re faced with the challenge of attracting people with diverse backgrounds, personalities, economic status, and goals to your organization. Recruitment marketing is about convincing prospects that your organization is a good fit—or at least pique their interest so they don’t just move on to the next opportunity.

Are you a reality TV fan? Recruitment marketing isn’t all that different than The Bachelor, where Chris Harrison and the show’s producers act as “recruitment marketers” and scan the globe looking for singles to date and form a connection (the target audience) with their client (the bachelor).

These six steps will help you avoid getting “shut out” and provide them with the best opportunity to attract and keep the attention of their target audience–and the metaphorical rose. Welcome to the life of The Recruitment Marketer.

  1. Do your research. You can’t target candidates until you identify exactly who you’re looking for. The language you use, the information you provide, the platforms you advertise on—all of these decisions are crucial, and all rely on research to answer questions like:
    • What drives your candidate’s decision-making process?
    • What are your candidate’s alternatives, and what makes those alternatives more or less desirable?
    • Where is your candidate located?
    • Where does your candidate look for opportunities?
    • What platforms do they use to identify opportunities?
  2. Engage with social media. Social media is a cost-effective way to engage with your candidates and promote your culture, benefits, opportunities, and more. Choosing the right social platforms and tone are key. This is where your research comes in: Is your ideal candidate on Instagram or LinkedIn? Should you be hosting Reddit AMAs or Facebook Live interviews? For example, LMD helps the U.S. Coast Guard Recruiting Command attract eligible candidates through Instagram and Facebook. These outlets are ideal for exposing candidates ages 17-25 to the fast-paced, adventurous Coast Guard lifestyle of the Coast Guard with video and photos.
  3. Don’t overlook design. The fonts and images you use say as much about your organization as the information you provide. A strong visual aesthetic will communicate your brand and resonate with your candidates and grab their attention.
  4. Offer some free stuff. Keep your brand top-of-mind by giving your candidates something they need (or want) with your name on it. A tangible reminder of your organization can be just what your candidate needs to visit your website, give you a call, or apply for an opportunity.  
  5. Communicate early and often. Recruitment (like dating) is a two-way street. While you are looking for the ideal candidate, your candidates are looking for the ideal opportunity. Our research has shown that recruiters are critical to building relationships with the right candidates. Make sure your recruiters quickly identify and frequently follow up with leads.
  6. Be strategic. Ad placement is crucial, and with the right strategy, can be the key to getting the right candidates in your door. For example, placing video content just before a major film release is a great way to reach your target audience. That’s exactly what LMD did for the Coast Guard during the release of the highly anticipated film, Avengers: Endgame by running a compelling and relevant ad before the movie.

Do you or a client you know need help finding a match and promoting your brand? Look no further than LMD.