We’ve talked about Millennials and how to reach them—but the younger generation, Gen Z, has already proven that they are ready to take over the world. Gen Z consumers range from ages 2 to 19, but the target age range for marketers is 11 to 16. This generation doesn’t know what life was like before social media. They’re extremely technologically savvy and have already shown how well they can use technology to enact change.

We know, we know—you just perfected your Millennial marketing strategy and now we’re introducing a new generation to you with entirely different needs. The spending habits, expectations, and preferences of Gen Z consumers are vastly different from those of Millennials. Because Gen Z has grown up with social media and trusts influencers as much as mainstream celebrities, marketers have to find new ways to catch their attention.

So, what are you do to? We pulled some resources to help you understand how Gen Z’s differ from Millennials and tips for how to not only reach, but engage this purposeful and entrepreneur-minded generation that held $44 billion in buying power in 2017.

First, let’s see how the generations compare:

Source: “Infographic: Gen Z and Millennials Want Different Things from Brands” by AdWeek

And now, what to consider in regards to marketing to Gen Z:

Source: “Infographic: 50% of Gen Z ‘Can’t Live Without YouTube’ and Other Stats” by AdWeek

Where Do You Go From Here?

Because Gen Z relies so heavily on smartphones, make sure you’re writing and designing for that medium—and that you’re prioritizing video in your marketing mix given their loyalty to YouTube. Additionally, communicate your brand’s cause—how you’re improving the world and how they can help you on this mission. One way to do this is to leverage the power of relevant micro- and macro-influencers to promote your brand. Finally, across all efforts, have meaningful, real conversations with Gen Z. Listen to their feedback, wants and needs and figure out how your brand can help them change the world!