Greetings friends and colleagues,

The year 2017 brought more challenging and rewarding consulting projects. Here is a quick summary of my personal insights from the year.

The Balanced Scorecard Works.
Non-profits, higher education, and government organizations need to think and act more like businesses. LMD has found a way to simplify the traditional Balanced Scorecard approach and help these organizations develop streamlined strategic plans. The four domains of the balanced scorecard provide the right focus for any organization. 

The Right Questions at the Right Time.
In my coaching practice I have found the common thread for leaders is the art of asking the right questions. Once we relieve ourselves of having to know all the answers we can truly achieve our full leadership potential. 

"Ecosystem" is the Buzzword You Need to Embrace.
Our clients are taking a broader view of the systems in which they operate. A systems thinking approach ensures you are positioned properly and have the right partnership strategy. 

True success can come for an organization when they understand their business ecosystem and understand the value within that space.

Try Vitamin P8 for the Health of Your Organization.
LMD's new assessment for organizations considers 8 dimensions: Position, Place, People, Process, Partnerships, Product, Price, Promotion. We can determine the health of an organization and which dimensions to address.

We Are a Change Agency.
LMD rebranded as a Change Agency this year to align with our sweet spot of value. Organizations come to us when they have a need to grow, evolve, or adapt to changing market conditions. We use a variety of tools to help organizations meet their goals. The hammer approach to change is not usually the most effective or sustainable.

Content is Still King.
In October, Karen Killian and I were featured on Executive Leaders Radio. My short audio spotlight here.

I wish you a happy, healthy and successful year in 2018. Thank you for your partnership and friendship. Never stop learning.

Holly Huntley
​Vice President, Client & Consulting Services

VP, Client & Consulting Services

Holly brings two decades of federal, global, and corporate experience in the IT industry to LMD. Previously a C-level leader at a Fortune 150 company, she served in various senior leadership roles and has expertise in C-level business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, sales enablement, and...Read more