Millennials trust content over any other type of information–but only certain types of content. Keep these tips in mind when developing content to engage and endear this generation to your brand:

1. Be empathetic. 

Millennials want to know you understand their challenges and value. Do not be condescending or underestimate their intelligence.

2. Be educational and inspiring. 

Millennials like to learn. You can get their attention and earn their trust by provide articles or fun facts that enlighten them about your industry or product.  Do not be preachy.  

3. Be genuine. 

Tell it like it is. Speak from the heart. Communicate in everyday terms. Millennials have a strong BS radar, so do not be too polished, shiny, salesy, or scripted.

4. Be experiential. 

Millennials are thoughtful and deep. Tell your brand’s story in a meaningful way. Do not be shallow.

5. Be relevant. 

If you want to draw them closer to your brand, understand what’s important to them, what they value, what they like to do. Have a point of view that adds value to their world. Do not be part of the noise.

6. Be everywhere they are.

Millennials are multi-platform multi-taskers. Embrace new channels and technologies, like virtual reality. Find out where your millennial audience spends their time, and do not be afraid to join their conversation, but remember #5.

7. Be deliberate.

Have a plan. And follow it. This generation makes buying decisions based on the sum of their experiences with your message or brand. Do not be haphazard with your approach to millennial marketing–you’ll waste precious resources.

8. Be informed. 

Not all millennials are alike; in fact, there are big differences between younger and older millennials that impact your marketing and content strategies. Do not be influenced by stereotypes and generalizations about this generation.


Karen leads the LMD team and drives growth for the company and its clients. She is passionate about helping clients answer their "why" to create fresh communications strategies that evoke emotion and inspire change. Since joining LMD in 2000, Karen has successfully positioned and promoted...Read more