Saranac, Caramel Porter (5.4%)

Turns out this wintery porter is very popular at LMD. Favored by Dianne and Nic, this dark beer definitely lived up to it’s name by smelling exactly like caramel. There seemed to be no aftertaste and was very smooth. Jason on the other hand was #notimpressed by this dessert brew. Claiming it was downright “disgusting,” and calling it out for having a low IBU score. One thing we could all agree on was the boring packaging, which is reminiscent of Paul Newman’s salad dressing.

Is winter coming early for these LMD beer drinkers?


“Ugh God. That is disgusting.”

Would you drink it again?

“Nope, nope, nope.”


“It has a cherry coke flavor.”

“I never thought I’d like a dark beer.”

Would you drink it again?



“The packaging looks like a salad dressing.”

Would you drink it again?

“Yeah, I’d drink it again.”


“Very smooth and I like that it has no weird aftertaste.”

Would you drink it again?

“I’d probably order it at a bar in the winter.”