Stillwater Artisanal, Why Can’t IBU (5.7%)

Some serious mixed feelings on this hoppy ale. The men seemed to favor the hoppy “Belgiumy” taste, whereas the women just couldn’t get past the ROUGH aftertaste. The one thing we could all agree on was the trippy packaging ala Magic Eye, the book series. Stillwater Artisanal definitely knows how to sucker in unsuspecting buyers with creative packaging.

What did the LMD "masters of beer" think... 


“I would drink this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, maybe a snack. I would even brush my teeth with this.” 

“Wonderful beer!”

Would you drink it again?

“Absolutely! Yes! Already brushing my teeth with it.”


“Oh, the packaging has that magic eye trick!”

Would you drink it again? 

“No, probably not.”


“I feel like the aftertaste is waking up with dry mouth or forgetting to brush your teeth.”

Would you drink it again?

“Yeah, sure.”


“I really really can’t stand the aftertaste.”

Would you drink it again?

“Nah, I’m good.”